3rd February 2018

Westfalen Dampf
Mit 'Lollo' nach Willengen

Loco Used V160 002
Stock Used load 8

Route :

Loco Route
V160 002 Münster Hbf - Havixbeck - Billerbeck - Coesfeld - Dülmen Ober - Lüdinghausen - Lünen - Dortmund Hbf - ??? - Willingen
V160 002  Willingen - (reverse of outward route) - Münster Hbf

Notes : 
(1) Route confirmation required - above is from advertised timings.

Source : Neil Markwick (on the tour)

Timings (Advertised only)
(from Neil Markwick)

Location Advertised (out)   Advertised (rtn)
Münster Hbf 07.38d   21.30a
Havixbeck 07.58d   21.10a
Billerbeck 08.10d   21.00a
Coesfeld 08.26d   20.35a
Dülmen Ober 08.38d   20.25a
Lüdinghausen 09.05d   20.00a
Lünen 09.28d   19.15a
Dortmund Hbf 09.54d   19.05a
Willingen 12.10a   17.20d

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