15th June 2019

Railway Touring Company
The Scarborough Flyer

Tour cancelled, due to insufficient bookings.

Route :

Advertised Loco Advertised Route
Diesel Loco Scarborough - Seamer - Malton - York
steam: 35018 'British India Line' (1) York - (via ECML?) - Doncaster - Gainsborough Lea Road - Lincoln Central - Spalding - Peterborough - (via ECML) - Alexandra Palace - Finsbury Park - ??? - West Ealing 
Diesel Loco Ealing Broadway - (reverse of outward route?) - Scarborough

Notes :
(1) Diesel loco on rear?

Source : John Clifford

Timings (Advertised Only)
(from John Clifford)

Location Advertised (out) Advertised (rtn)
Scarborough 06.09d 23.18a
York 07.04d 22.26a
Doncaster 08.48d 21.53a
Lincoln Central 10.09d 20.49a
Alexandra Place 13.34a 17.58d
Finsbury Park 13.40a 17.51d
Ealing Broadway - 17.11d
West Ealing 14.40a -

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