10th April 2021

A1 Steam Locomotive Trust
The Caledonian

Tour postponed to 18/09/21, due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

Route :

Advertised Loco(s) Advertised Route
Electric Loco Birmingham New Street - Tame Bridge Parkway - Bescot Stadium - Darlaston Jn - Portobello Jn - Wolverhampton - Bushbury Jn - Stafford - (via WCML) - Carnforth [U&DGL]
steam: 60163 'Tornado' Carnforth [U&DGL] - (via WCML) - Carstairs South Jn - Carstairs East Jn - Midcalder Jn - Slateford - Haymarket - Edinburgh Waverley
steam: 60163 'Tornado' Edinburgh Waverley - (reverse of outward route) - Carnforth [U&DGL]
Electric Loco Carnforth [U&DGL] - (reverse of outward route) - Birmingham New Street

(1) Tour postponed from 18/07/20.

Source : David Moyle

Timings (Advertised Only)
(from A1SLT website)

Location Advertised (out)   Advertised (rtn)
Birmingham New Street 07.45d   22.30a
Tame Bridge Parkway 08.00d   22.10a
Wolverhampton 08.15d   21.50a
Stafford 08.35d   21.25a
Crewe 09.30d   21.00a
Edinburgh Waverley ?a   ?d

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