21st April 2021

The North East Discoverer

Tour cancelled, due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

Route :

Advertised Loco Advertised Route
LSL Class 86, 87 or 90 Rugby - Northampton - Milton Keynes Central - Watford Junction - ??? - Finsbury Park - (via ECML) - York - Durham - Newcastle
LSL Class 86, 87 or 90 Newcastle - (reverse of outward route) - Rugby

Source : Nick Bartlett

Timings (Advertised Only)
(from Intercity Website)

Location Advertised (out)   Advertised (rtn)
Rugby 06.45d   21.35a
Northampton 07.05d   21.15a
Milton Keynes Central 07.25d   20.55a
Watford Junction 07.45d   20.35a
Finsbury Park 08.40d   19.40a
York ?a   ?d
Durham ?a   ?d
Newcastle ?a   ?d

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