14th July 1951
(11th July 1957)

Birmingham Locomotive Club
S.M.J. Special

Loco Used 44057
Stock Used 4 corridor coaches

Route :

Loco Route
44057 Birmingham New Street - Kenilworth (direct line) - Leamington Spa - Marton Jn - Braunston London Road - Daventry - Weedon - Blisworth
44057 Blisworth - Northampton Bridge Street (3) - Hardingstone Jn - Ravenstone Wood Jn - Olney (4)
44057 Olney (4) - Ravenstone Wood Jn - Towcester - Woodford Halse
44057 Woodford Halse - Burton Dassett - Stratford-upon-Avon
44057 Stratford-upon-Avon - Broom Jn - Birmingham New Street

Notes :
(1) Some contemporary sources refer to a railtour on Wednesday 11th July hauled by 44057 in the same area - it is however believed this is a date error and it is this train that is being referred to.
(2) Shed visits made at Northampton, Woodford Halse, Burton Dassett & Startford-upon-Avon. An alternative (limited numbers) at Northampton was a visit to BEA Hardingstone  Jn.
(3) Loco reported turned at Northampton - assuming it ran tender-first from Blisworth then it would appear unlikely the train ran to Castle station which itself would require another reversal.
(4) Booked timings showed a booked reversal at Ravenstone Wood Jn - confirmation is required that the train actually travelled on and reversed at Olney instead, as suggested above.

From The John Debens Ticket Collection
(originally supplied by
Andrew Fairholm)

Sources : John Clifford, Andrew Fairholm, Ian Clark (SLS)

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Stephen Bragg courtesy of Ian Clark (SLS)

Location Booked
Birmingham New Street 08.23d
Kenilworth ?
Leamington Spa ??.??a ~ 09.07d
Daventry 09/49
Blisworth 10.15 ~ 10.23
Northampton 10.33a ~ 13.10d
Ravenstone Wood Jn ??.?? ~ 13.52
Woodford Halse 14.45a ~ 16.15d
Burton Dassett 16.37a ~ 17.10d
Stratford-upon-Avon 17.35a ~ 18.15d
Birmingham New Street 19.22a

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