3rd January 1958

London Transport
Silver Train

Stock Used 1956 7-car Tube Stock (either Met Camm, BRCW or GRCW)

Route :

Stock Route
as listed Acton Town - Hounslow West
as listed Hounslow West - Acton Town

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

Source : Rod Miebs

(by Rod Miebs)

An annual "Schoolboys and Schoolgirls Exhibition" was held at the Royal Horticultural Halls, Victoria SW1, early in the New Year in the 50s. I went to a number of them.

In 1958 London Transport had a stand and were selling tickets for a non-stop run from Acton Town to Hounslow West, then a terminus, and back. This was to show off the 1956 Tube Stock, Three sets were built being the prototypes for the 1959 Tube Stock.

I bought a ticket for a Boy or Girl costing 6d. It was dated for 03 Jan 1958, I travelled in the afternoon after visiting the exhibition.

The working may have run over a number of days at that time.

Rod Miebs

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