15th March 1980

British Rail
(Day Excursion)

Locos Used 45109 & 47108

Route :

Loco Route
45109 Leicester - Loughborough - Nottingham
47108 Nottingham - Alfreton & Mansfield Parkway - Chesterfield - (1) Sheffield - (1) Wath Road Jn - Normanton - York - (via ECML) - Edinburgh Waverley
47108 Edinburgh Waverley - (reverse of outward route) - Nottingham
47108 Nottingham - Loughborough - Leicester

Notes :
(1) Route confirmation required (Craig Simmons believes the train may have been routed via Barrow Hill to avoid Sheffield but this seems at odds with comments in David Hills tour review which specifically mentions Sheffield both ways). Tour also advertised from other stations in the Midlands (e.g. Burton-on-Trent, Derby) but these would have been using connecting services.

Source : Craig Simmons (with additional information from David Hills)

Tour Review
 (by David Hills)

The first railtour for us in this new decade was to be an old favourite, yet another jaunt to Edinburgh via the ECML. And as usual we joined the tour at Alfreton which had proved to be a great time saver, especially on the return journey. With tickets in hand and the road journey from Derby completed, a few minutes wait at Alfreton revealed 45069, 45140, 47103 followed by our train, this time in the hands of 47108 complete with working boiler. South Yorkshire was its usual self, with Tinsley shunters lurking in many places. Sheffield proved to be quiet, only 45106 & 47177 present, nothing was at Rotherham, though the vast wastes of Normanton revealed 47134 & 47528. Now clear of the subsidence infested track it was a high speed thrash up to York where a very full depot welcomed us. Highlights here were 31147, 31273, 37039/069, 40003, 40114/177, 45014, 55014 amongst many others. Another fast run northwards saw 31253 at Thirsk. 08004, 37070 at Darlington, 37004/015, 37163 at Ferryhill and 31129 & 40195 at Tyne Yard.

A crew change at Newcastle was swiftly carried out, the ubiquitous Gateshead 'flowerpots' were 03056/064/078, three Class 46's were also in the station, 46012/039/052. More shunters and DMU's went 'in the book' at Heaton as did 40047. More Eastern Region classics were noted at Morpeth: 08274 & 37216, Alnmouth: 37008, south of Berwick: 31149/187. Berwick station was host to 03059, 37019 & 37250. Although a far cry from earlier times this was one of the better trips north for locomotive sightings. An on time arrival in Edinburgh led to the furthering of the day's travels with a trip to Glasgow for a visit to Polmadie. Times had moved on, although 27104/107 were in the station our westbound dash would be with 47707. Passing Haymarket 20218, 25037, 40161, 55002/004/015 were seen on the depot. Nothing of note was recorded en-route to Glasgow, little was noted passing Eastfield (perhaps something blocked our view). A taxicab was commandeered for the cross town ride to Polmadie, where approximately forty locomotives were present, from ten different classes. The mysterious PO1 (08173?) was outside the workshop whilst a welcome sight in the yard was 25001 & 45066 amongst the regular Scottish McDiesels.

And so it was back to Queen Street, via another fine Glasgow taxicab, into the waiting Edinburgh service, this time 47712 would do the honours. Other machines noted here were 27021/038, 27105/111 & 40150. A brief wait ensued at Edinburgh before our tour stock arrived behind 47108, in that short time 25026, 40060 & 40144 were noted in the station. with the evening having drawn quickly in little was noted on our return voyage. About the only observations made were at York where 37042, 40086 and a host of Class 47's went 'in the book'. From there it was back over the familiar, but very much darkened, Midland route through Sheffield and into a slumbering Alfreton. Within thirty minutes we were safely home and in the land of nod, whilst the less fortunate Derbyites on the tour were changing into a bog at Nottingham.

David Hills

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