22nd March 1980

Steam Locomotive Operators Association
Cumbrian Mountain Express

Locos Used ????? & steam: 5305 & 4472 'Flying Scotsman'
Stock Used booked for load 10

Route : 1L20 throughout

Loco Route
????? Preston - (via WCML) - Carlisle
5305 Carlisle - Petteril Bridge Jn - (via S&C) - Settle Jn - Hellifield - Skipton
4472 Skipton - Hellifield - Settle Jn - Wennington - Carnforth
????? Carnforth - (via WCML) - Preston

Notes :
This repeating tour made extensive use of service trains to/from Preston, from many locations. Ed Grummitt comments: We travelled on service trains Leicester-Nuneaton and Nuneaton-Carlisle (I think). My mate travelled Euston-Carlisle. 'Black Five' 5305 took the CME from Carlisle to Skipton, stopping at Appleby for around half an hour I believe (anyway we had time for a pint of Pedigree at the Midland Hotel). The train then proceeded to Garsdale, stopping for water. This was also for about half an hour  - must have been as everybody detrained and there was at least one run-past. I cannot recall how we got onto a service train back to Nuneaton, but don't remember going to Preston! I suspect we somehow swapped trains at Carnforth. Whatever, a shot exists of us in a 1st class Mk III somewhere near Lancaster, and we didn't pay a supplement.

Sources : John Cowlishaw & Ed Grummitt

Timings (Booked Only)
John Cowlishaw)

Location Booked
Preston 11.10d
Carnforth 11/29
Carlisle 12L31a ~ 12L46d
Appleby ??.??a ~ 14.15d
Ais Gill 14/37
Garsdale ??.??a ~ 15.10d
Blea Moor ??.??a ~ 15.28d
Ribblehead ??.??a ~ 15.48d
Settle Jn 16/03
Hellifield 16/07
Skipton 16L20a ~ 16L35d
Hellifield 16/49
Wennington 17/28
Carnforth 17L45a ~ 18L00d
Lancaster 18/06
Preston 18.30a

Service Train Matrix (to/from Preston)

Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Barrow 09.22d 20.45a
Birmingham New Street 08.10d 19.03a
Blackpool North 09.55d 19.10a
Bletchley 0/.58d 21.56a
Bolton 10.07d 19.18a
Bradford 08.40d 21.57a
Carlisle 12.30d 20.34a
Carnforth 10.18d 18.20a
Chester 09.13d 20.53a
Coventry 07.09d 21.56a
Crewe 10.09d 19.55a
Derby 07.25d 21.08a
Glasgow Central 10.35d 21.57a
Hull 07.50d 00.10a
Kirkham 10.14d 18.49a
Lancaster 11.10d 18.40a
Leeds 09.20d 21.25a
Leicester 08.35d 21.17a
Liverpool Lime Street 09.45d 21.00a
Llandudno Junction 08.01d 22.06a
London Euston 07.45d 21.26a
Manchester Victoria 09.50d 19.36a
Newcastle 10.40d 22.50a
Northampton 08.22d 21.33a
Nottingham 07.15d 21.41a
Nuneaton 09.11d 20.42a
Rhyl 08.28d 21.38a
Rugby 08.57d 20.58a
Shrewsbury 08.10d 22.39a
Stafford 08.413d 20.30a
Stoke-on-Trent 08.17d 20.17a
Warrington Bank Quay 10.29d 19.30a
Watford Junction 08.01d 21.06a
Wigan North Western 10.20d 20.26a
Wolverhampton 08.28d 20.45a
York 08.18d 22.42a

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