15th June 1980

British Rail
(Tinsley Depot Open Day Shuttles)

DMUs Used at least: 56038+50038+56015+56020+50012+56010

Route :

DMU Route
as listed Sheffield - Woodburn Jn - Attercliffe Jn - Boughton Lane Jn - Shepcote Lane East Jn - Tinsley Yard SW Arrival Line
as listed Tinsley Yard SW Arrival Line - Tinsley Yard Reception Sidings (- Catcliffe Jn)
as listed (Catcliffe Jn - ) Tinsley Yard Reception Sidings - Shepcote Lane East Jn - (reverse of outward route) - Sheffield

Notes :
(1) Multiple runs made. Confirmation required if just one DMU set was used, or several. Route confirmation also required; descriptions received suggest there may have been some variation between runs, though this may just be down to individuals perception of, for example, the reversal point on departure from Tinsley depot.
(1) Greg Beecroft comments: I think the trains ran via Brightside Junction, but the main feature of interest was in the yard where trains came in on the south side, via Shepcote Lane Jn to the South West Arrival Line, where passengers boarded and lighted.  Departure was via the Secondary Yard East Departure Line to Tinsley Yard Reception Sidings where trains reversed to return via the usual route along the north side of the yard. Kevin Driscoll's route description: Sheffield station to yard, (Southernmost access line). Then onward via dive-under beneath hump just North of lower diesel shed, to main through line, reverse, direct back to Sheffield. William Shelford had the reversal point on departure from Tinsley Yard as Catcliffe Jn.

Sources : Greg Beecroft, Kevin Driscoll & William Shelford

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