2nd August 1980

British Rail (S.R. - S.E. Division)
Kentish Belle Charity Railtour

EMU Used Class 411 (4-CEP) ????

Route :

EMU Route
as listed London Victoria - ???

Notes :
(1) Brian Halford comments: This train was organised by BR as a staff-only special. It was unusual that it was arranged primarily as a staff training trip for all rail staff (whether Regional HQ, Divisional staff, station staff or train crew). A small charge was payable which I believe was about 2. Route, but not necessary in the correct order;
Started Victoria (approx. 0900) , Lewisham, Crayford Spur, Lee Spur (Lee-Grove Park), also visited the Woodside-Selsdon line where a photographic stop was made at Coombe Road. Other routing I cannot remember but it was all on electrified lines in the South East London/Kent area.

From Brian Halford's ticket collection.

Source : Brian Halford

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