30th August 1980

Branch Line Society
Consett BSC Works Railtour

Loco Used Sentinel Diesel BSC 47
Stock Used brake vans

Route :

Loco Route
BSC 47 route details required

BLS Annual Report for 1980 states that the route was as follows:
Departing at 10:54 from a point adjacent the Admin. Offices there followed a double reversal by the blast furnaces, a descent to parallel the BR lines by Consett North Box, pass under the BR line, perform a double reversal beyond the Plate Mill, pass under the BR line and immediately turn west past the Ore Gantry to terminate at the Coke Ovens. The return journey to the Admin Block and the stop for lunch at 13:13 to 14:40 utilised the same track as outward with a short stop en-route to visit the engine shed. Upon departing at 14:40 the BV trip headed north past the Oxygen Steel Plant before reversing back to the Slag Reduction Branch points and another reversal to travel past the Primary and Billet Mill to the slag weighbridge. The train then returned to the starting point of the day's activities and terminated at 15:33. Don't remember much about this trip other than it was very wet and cold and that it had just been announced that Consett Steel Works was to close the following week. Given the impending closure it was incredible the level of hospitality that was afforded those privileged to have travelled on this trip round the doomed Plant. I wonder what is left of the site after all these years?

Sources : Andy Pullar

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