20th & 21st September 1980

?Nene Valley Railway?
(NVR Eurosteam Weekend)

DMU's Used ????? (3)

Route :

DMU Route
as listed Peterborough - Fletton Jn - Orton Mere (NVR)
as listed Orton Mere (NVR) - Fletton Jn - Peterborough

Notes :
(1) Run in connection with Nene Valley Railway's Eurosteam Weekend.
(2) Further details required (i.e. how many trips were made & timings).
(3) On the Sunday (21st) Ian Umpleby recorded 2x Derby 2-car DMU's in use. Photographic evidence shows only a 2-car set in use on the 20th.
(4) Alan Holmewood's records suggest that these services were organised by British Rail (ER) rather than the NVR but confirmation is required.

Orton Mere on Saturday 20th (photo: Alan Holmewood)

Sources : Kevin Driscoll, Ian Umpleby & Alan Holmewood

Timings (Booked & Actual)
(from Ian Umpleby)

The information below represents only one journey of several round trips made.

21st September

Location Booked Actual
Orton Mere 11.19d 11.19
Fletton Jn ? 11/29
Peterborough 11.39a 11.32

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