25th March 1984

British Rail
(Football Specials)

Loco Used 81007

Route :

Loco Route
81007 Liverpool - Crewe - Wembley
81007 Wembley - Crewe - Liverpool

Notes :
This was one of twenty two specials run this day (a Sunday) to Wembley for the Liverpool v Everton Milk Cup Final (final score Liverpool 0:0 Everton). A Manchester Pullman set and a rake of MkIII firsts with restaurant vehicles were used for two of the specials.

Other specials ran behind 81012, 85002/06/08/11/14/16/25/28/34, 86101, 86224/227/231/233/235/249, 86313/319/324/327.

Source : David Hills (from contemporary reports)

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