28th - 29th November 1984

British Rail
(Football Special)

Locos Used ?????

Route :

Loco Route
????? Dundee - ??? - Manchester
????? Manchester - ??? - Dundee

Notes :
(1) David Grant offers the following memories of this trip: I was on a Football Special day trip from Dundee direct to Old Trafford station for a UEFA Cup tie. The internet confirms the date as 28 Nov 1984 and the result as 2-2. The trip was organised (AFAIAA) by British Rail staff based at Dundee Tay Bridge station. The tickets were either for Picadilly or Victoria (can't remember now) but we were taken straight to Old Trafford! As we boarded we were told we would be taken to Mossend where an electric loco would be substituted for the trip south. Left Dundee mid-morning, arrived Manchester around 18:00, and got back to Dundee about 03:00 next morning.

Source : David Grant

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