Boat Train - 12th January 1960



Stock Used

1BG, 1xBFK, 4FK, 4TSO, 1BSO

Route :



tank engine London Liverpool Street [P10] - Stratford - Custom House - King George V Dock (12 shed)

Timings (booked) :

Location Booked
Liverpool Street (P10) 14.00d
Stratford 14/10
Custom House 14/20
Royal Albert Dock (25 shed) 14.30a

Notes (from STN):
(1) To run mainline to Stratford (London End Jn).
(2) To transport 186 first class and 304 second class passengers to the Union Castle Line s.s "Warwick Castle". T,M, Liverpool Street to arrange to reserve one first class compartment for Union Castle Line officials.

Source: Chris Hanley (from STN)

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