A Weekend in New York
(Early May Bank Holiday Weekend 2003)

A selection of photos during the weekend, taken by Simon Bennett.

Connecticut Department of Transport FL9's 2027+2011 prepare to leave Danbury for the stabling point having worked train 6810 9.10 South Norwalk to Danbury.

FL9's 2027+2011 returning to Danbury station to work train 6823 10.17 Danbury to South Norwalk.

FL9's 2027+2011 stand at South Norwalk at the rear of train 6823 10.17 ex Danbury.

Amtrak HHP8 electric 663 passes South Norwalk heading towards Boston on train 162 6.20 Washington Union to Boston South Acela Regional service.

Metro-North DASH9-P32ACDM loco no.213 stands at Wassaic station having worked train 9935 15.24 Brewster North to Wassaic.

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