15th June 2003
Mangapps Farm Diesel Day

Here are some photos taken on the day.

Selby describes...

An absolutely scorching day and I am pleased to say the ice-creams on sale in the shop were not at normal railway prices!

The services:
All the locos and the DMU booked to work did, and their order of appearance on passenger services was:

DMU 79963 ("German" Railbus)
11104 (+D2089)

I am pleased to say that since everything advertised to work did work - PLEG still has a 100% record for its events!

The mode of operation was generally two trips with one loco and then swap, with the DMU interleaved.

The services ran from Mangapps station platform - Old Heath (Headshunt) and return.  Some services called at Old Heath station, others just passed straight through.

Vintage buses were even provided free of charge to return people to the mainline station at the end of the day.

An excellent day - definitely one of the best yet.  John Jolly is known as Jolly John for good reason!  Nothing was too much trouble and everything requested by PLEG was provided.  Mangapps Farm is a lovely little site with a museum, shop and picnic area.  The railway line runs through open fields.  Many many thanks to John and his team for a superb day out.  Hints were made that a similar event may take place next year, so if you missed this one you missed a treat - So don't miss the next!

Ian Loveday ("Selby")

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