The "Wot, No More Sam Adams?" USA Tour 2004

Day 6 : Monday 3rd May

Simon planned a 5.35am train start for the last day - his logic being to knacker himself and thus get some sleep on the overnight flight home. I chose a less arduous 08.45 start, Amtrak loco 140 to Harrisburg for another back. Unfortunately the +25 connection evaporated and I, along with a few others, chose to bale at the shack prior to Harrisburg to ensure getting back into Philadelphia in good time (the next train being almost two hours later and, as it turned out, it was almost an hour late!).

Elizabethtown - hmm, one horse-shack...minus the horse! 'Nuff said.

47 pulls into Elizabethtown.

We got on the return train (loco 47) to find the rest of them had made the dead-connection on account it was on an adjacent platform!

Back in Philadelphia three of us headed for the Hard Rock Cafe (three done in a week!) whereas others continued their bashing. Eventually we all met up at Newark International Airport station (I got there off loco 951) where we checked-in for our respective flights home then met up in the Sam Adams bar airside where our dollars ran out rather than the Sam Adams! Another winning Boeing 757 home (N14115) for an early arrival into BHX.

Verdict : What an ace trip! Thanks go to Simon Bennett for organising it then "allowing" so many of us to join him. Thanks to to the rest of the participants (Duncan Jennings, Steve Bates, Richard Bishop, Simon Reed, Gordon Atkinson, Ian Edwards, Derek Milby, Neil Wilkinson (nine-foot), Nigel Daff (Daffy), Bob Hannaford (Wobbly Bob) & Tim Howlett) for being such a great bunch to travel with. I can say for certain I'll be heading back to the US to do some more rail travel before too long...

Gary Thornton.

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