31st October 1964
(Football Specials)


out: ????? - booked "1x2 (DU)"
rtn: loco + BSK, SK, CK, 2xSK, BSK

Route :
2Z60 : Lowestoft Central to Norwich Thorpe
2Z61 : Norwich Thorpe to Lowestoft Central


Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Lowestoft Central 13.26d 17.47a
Oulton Broad North 13.30a ~ 13.31d 17.42a ~ 17.43d
Reedham 13.47a ~ 13.48d 17.24a ~ 17.25d
Brundall 13/57 17/15
Norwich Thorpe 14.06a 17.06d

Notes :
(1) 13.15 Lowestoft Central to Norwich Thorpe service DMU also to run as loco-hauled (stock: BSK, SK, CK, 2xSK, BSK) on this date.

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