1st November 1964
(Day Excursion)



Stock Used


Route : 1Z60 throughout


Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Liverpool Street 09.36d 22.28a
Cambridge 10.56a ~ 11.04d 21.00a ~ 21.05d
Ely 11.23a ~ 11.26d 20.35a ~ 20.37d
Lakenheath 11/43 20/16
Brandon 11.49a ~ 11.50d 20.06a ~ 20.08d
Thetford 12.01a ~ 12.02d 19.55a ~ 19.56d
Attleborough 12.19a ~ 12.20d 19.35a ~ 19.36d
Wymondham 12.30a ~ 12.32d 19.23a ~ 19.25d
Norwich Thorpe 12.49a 19.05d

Notes :
(1) Liverpool Street to Cambridge and return timings are shown as "as booked" - possibly suggesting this excursion ran in the timings of a booked service train?

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