13th January 2007

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Loco Used 47832 (1)
Stock Used ?????

1Z52 : Willesden Junction HL to Shrewsbury
1Z53 : Shrewsbury to Willesden Junction HL

Loco Route
47832 Willesden Junction HL (2) - Acton Main Line - Slough - Reading - Newbury - Trowbridge - Bath Spa - Severn Tunnel Junction - Abergavenny - Hereford - Shrewsbury
47832 Shrewsbury - Dudley Port - Solihull - Oxford - Reading - Slough - Acton Main Line - (2) Willesden Junction HL

(1) Intended to have been hauled by 47703 with 47832 on the rear, however 47703 was failed at East Ham Depot thus 47832 took the ECS to Ripple Lane and ran round.
(2) Advertised as starting and finishing at London Paddington. Outward route confirmation required.

Sources : Gary Thornton (from advertising brochure), John Clifford
& Steve Simister (travelled on return leg only)

Timings (Advertised Only)

Location Advertised (out) Advertised (rtn)
Paddington 07.25d 20.45a
Slough 07.45d 20.20a
Reading 08.05d 20.00a

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