29th March 2007

Past Time Rail
(The Devon & Cornwall Branch Week - Day 5)

Locos Used 37406 'The Saltire Society', 37410 'Aluminium 100' & steam: 45407 'The Lancashire Fusilier'
Stock Used ?35517+4986+4998+1813+5008+4949+35469? (3)

'The South Hams Pony'
1Z21 : Plymouth to Buckfastleigh
1Z22 : Buckfastleigh to Plymouth (via Exeter St Davids)

Loco(s) Route
45407 Plymouth - Ivybridge - Totnes - Buckfastleigh
45407 Buckfastleigh - Totnes
45407 Totnes - Newton Abbot - Dawlish Warren - Exeter St Davids
37410 + 37406 (1) Exeter St Davids - (reverse of outward route) - Totnes - Ivybridge - Plymouth

Notes :
(1) The intention was to run with 37's top and tail on the return, one to provide barrier vehicle at rear after the steam loco and support coach were detached, however 37406 arrived with a lighting failure so passengers in the rear coach were found seats in the remaining coaches and the rear coach locked out of use to form the barrier vehicle. 37406 was then placed inside 37410 and they were driven in tandem.
(2) Train ran as "The South Hams Pony" on this day. Originally planned to run in October 2006, this was day five of five days of tours under the banner "The Cornish & Devon Branch Week" and using multiple tour names over the period. Tickets were sold for individual named trains, for a whole day or for the complete five days (225).
(3) Stock confirmation required - taken from what was used previous day.

Sources : various including Alan Tait

Timings (Booked Only)

Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Plymouth 09.05d 17.39a
Lipson Jn 09/08 17/36
Hemerdon 09/18 17/29
Ivybridge 09.25a ~ 09.27d 17.21a ~ 17.23d
Totnes 09.41a ~ 09.44d 17/00
Buckfastleigh 10.24a ~ 13.28 -
Totnes 14.08a ~ 14.33d -
Newton Abbot 14/50 16/47
Dawlish Warren 15.05a ~ 15.15d 16.17a ~ 16.31d
Exeter St Davids 15L28a 16L04d

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