19th August 2007

Past Time Rail
The Torbay Express

Did this train run? Details taken from advertising brochure

Loco(s) Used ?????
Stock Used ?????


Loco(s) Route
????? Bristol Temple Meads - Weston-super-Mare - Taunton - Exeter St Davids - Newton Abbot - Paignton - Kingswear
????? Kingswear - (reverse of outward route) - Bristol Temple Meads

Notes :
(1) This was the seventh of a series that was booked to run on the ten Sunday's between 8th July and 9th September 2007, all to an identical format and times. No mention of the traction was made in the advertising brochure beyond the statement 'once again the old steam trains are back running between Bristol and the English Riviera resorts of Paignton and Kingswear...'.

Source : Gary Thornton (from advertising brochure)

Timings (Advertised Only)

Location Advertised (out) Advertised (rtn)
Bristol Temple Meads 09.20d 21.40a
Weston-super-Mare 09.45d 21.10a
Taunton 11.05d 20.25a
Exeter St Davids 12.00d 18.50a
Paignton 12.45a 17.55d
Kingswear 13.20a 17.10d

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