15th September 2007

Steam Dreams
The Cathedrals Express

Train cancelled due to due to the unavailability of the booked steam locomotive. The letter to booked passengers said: "Our booked engine is no longer available as it requires remedial work to its boiler, which unfortunately means that it will be unable to be used on the main line for several months. We have spoken with all of our suppliers to try and source a replacement locomotive but have been unable to do so. This is because there are a number of other trips operating on that day and also two other engines are under repair thus leaving the available fleet greatly reduced".

1Z52 : Kings Cross to Lincoln Central
1Z53 : Lincoln Central to Kings Cross

Booked Loco Booked Route
steam: E850 London Kings Cross - (via ECML) - Peterborough - West Yard - Spalding - Lincoln Central
steam: E850 Lincoln Central - Newark North Gate - (via ECML, Peterborough West Yard) - London Kings Cross

Source : John Clifford

Timings (Booked Only)
(from John Clifford)

Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Kings Cross 08.18d 21.05a
Finsbury Park 08/24 20/58
Potters Bar 08/44 20/48
Stevenage 08.58a ~ 09.00d 20.25a ~ 20.28d
Hitchin 09/04 ?
Sandy ? 20/05
Huntingdon 09/26 20/51
Peterborough 09.56a ~ 10.02d 19.28a ~ 19.31
West Yard 10w07 ~ 10w37 19w01 ~ 19w25
Werrington Jn 10/46 -
Spalding 11/03 -
Sleaford 11/31 -
Tallington Jn - 18/48
Grantham - 18/26
Newark North Gate - 18/12
Lincoln Central 12.07a 17.42d

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