6th October 2007

Vintage Trains
Waverley Paddle Steamer Cruise

Locos Used 47245 & 47851
Stock Used ?????
EMU's Used at least 319007
Southend Pier Rly Train Used A 'Sir John Betjeman' & B 'Sir William Heygate'
Paddle Steamer Used 'Waverley'

1Z47 : Birmingham New Street to Southend Central
1Z48 : West Hampstead Thameslink to Birmingham New Street

Traction Route
47851 (1) Birmingham New Street - Nuneaton - Kettering - West Hampstead Thameslink - Upper Holloway - South Tottenham - Barking - Southend Central
A / B
(both sets working)
(Southend Pier Railway), North Station - South Station
'Waverley' Southend Pier - Thames - Tower Bridge
(2) London Blackfriars - West Hamstead Thameslink
47245 (3) West Hampstead Thameslink - (reverse of outward route) - Birmingham New Street

(1) 47245 on rear.
(2) Passengers were able to use any service train between Blackfriars and West Hampstead Thameslink, of which 319007 formed at least one of the usable services.
(3) 47851 on rear.
(4) Train started & terminated at Birmingham New Street rather than Tyseley because of an engineering blockade at Tyseley.
(5) Both sets were used on the Southend Pier Railway due to sheer volume of people.
(6) Mick Baker comments: Southend arrival was only a few minutes down. Our ticket allowed us a trip down the Southend Pier Railway to connect with the paddle steamer 'Waverley'. The 'Waverley' took us up the Thames to Tower Bridge. We then made our way to Blackfriars to get a service train to West Hampstead to pick up our tour train. We retraced our path back to Birmingham New Street, again a few minutes down.
A good day had by all

Source : Mick Baker

Timings (Booked Only)
Mick Baker)

Location Booked (out)   Booked (rtn)
Birmingham New Street 06.55d   23.19a
Water Orton 07/07   23/07
Nuneaton 07.38a ~ 07.41d   22.41a ~ 22.43d
Hinckley 07/48   22/33
Narborough 07.58a ~ 08.11d   22.20a ~ 22.22d
Market Harborough 08.19a ~ 08.21d   21.59a ~ 22.02d
Kettering 08.38a ~ 08.46d   21.35a ~ 21.43d
Wellingborough 08/55   21/26
Bedford 09/10   21/12
Flitwick 09/19   20/58
Luton 09/25   20/47
St. Albans 09/38   20/33
Hendon 09/51   20/15
West Hampstead Thameslink 09/58   20.05d
Upper Holloway 10/06 -
Barking 10/38 -
Leigh-on-Sea 11.08a ~ 11.15d -
Southend Central 11.23a -

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