9th December 2007

Railway Touring Company
Lincoln Christmas Fayre

Locos Used 47847 & steam: 45407
Stock Used ?????

1Z70 : York to Lincoln
1Z71 : Lincoln to York

Loco(s) Route
45407 (1) York - Leeds - Wakefield Westgate - Sheffield - Chesterfield - Nottingham - Newark - Lincoln Central
45407 (1) Lincoln Central - (reverse of outward route) - York

Notes :
(1) 47847 on rear.

Source : Mike Harries

Tour Review
(by Mike Harries)

The train was originally advertised as to be hauled by 71000, and then this was changed to 45407+ 76079. In the event, 45407 hauled the train, with 47847 at the rear essentially providing electric train heating and possibly occasional assistance if required. It was said that there were gauging problems with 76079.

I travelled for part of the journey only, and am told that the train started late from York, and that it was not held outside Leeds even though it did not arrive until after the 10:00 Cross Country to Exeter had left it then used the same Platform 8. The train left Leeds about ten minutes late, and seemed to lose time gently throughout the run. There were odd pauses at junctions, probably because the train was late and out of path, and of course each stop and then re-start cost time compared with running steadily. The Class 5 was probably somewhat overloaded, especially if the Class 47 at the rear was not contributing tractive effort even for its own weight; I think there were 11 coaches including the support coach. Arrival at Lincoln was some half an hour late.

Before arrival at Lincoln, passengers in the leading coaches were warned that the train would run through the platform (so that the rear coaches would clear the level crossing), and since the train was longer than the platform, those at the front must walk back. In the event, the locomotive stopped at the end of the platform, and passengers left the train with no further ado. Onward progress was blocked by another charter train, drawing out of the sidings and into the platform, and thus blocking the path of this train. The level crossing was blocked for some appreciable time, since until the other train pulled forward thus itself blocking the crossing 1Z70 could not move. I do not know what the other train was; it was hauled by a DRS Class 47 loco.

Mike Harries

Timings (Booked Only)
Mike Harries)

Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
York 09.20d 20.42a
Colton Jn 09/27 20/35
Church Fenton 09/33 20/30
Micklefield 09/39 20/26
Cross Gates 09/45 20/20
Neville Hill West Jn 09/49 20/17
Leeds 09.55a ~ 10.05d 20.07a ~ 20.14d
Leeds West Jn 10/06 20/05
Whitehall Jn 10/06 20/04
Holbeck Jn 10/07 20/04
Wakefield Westgate 10.17a ~ 10.18d 19.49a ~ 19.52d
Hare Park Jn 10/24 19/43
South Kirkby Jn 10/30 19/36
Moorthorpe 10/32 19/35
Swinton 10/43 19/26
Aldwarke Jn 10/46 19/23
Holmes Jn 10/49 19/20
Wincobank Jn 10/50 19/18
Nunnery Main Line Jn 10/55 19/15
Sheffield 10.57a ~ 10.59d 18w34a ~ 19w12d
Sheffield Sig. S77  - 18/23
Heeley Up Loop 11w07 ~ 11w47 -
Dore Station Jn 11/54 18/19
Tapton Jn ? 18/08
Chesterfield 12/03 18/07
Clay Cross South Jn 12/09 18/02
Alfreton 12/18 17/50
Ironville Jn 12/21 17/47
Langley Mill 12/25 17/43
Trowell Jn 12/30 17/37
Radford Jn 12/36 17/28
Mansfield Jn 12/38 17/25
Nottingham 12/41 17/23
Netherfield Jn 12/48 17/18
Newark Castle 13/03 16/59
Newark Crossing 13/04 16/58
Newark Crossing East Jn 13/05 16/57
Boultham Jn 13/21 16/39
West Holmes Jn 13/22 16/38
Lincoln Central 13.25a 16.36d

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