26th March 1960

Railway Correspondance and Travel Society (Lancashire Branch)
Cheshire District Rail Tour

Locos Used 46472

Route : W233 throughout

Loco Route
46472 Birkenhead (Woodside) - Hooton - Ellesmere - Helsby (CLC) - Mouldsworth - Hartford & Greenbank Jn - Oakleigh sidings
46472 Oakleigh sidings - Cuddington - Winsford & Over branch - Chester East Jn - Dee Marsh Jn - Bidston - Birkenhead North
46472 Birkenhead North - West Kirby Jt station - Hooton branch - Birkenhead (Woodside)

Notes :
(1) This was possibly the first passenger train to use the Winnington branch as far as Oakleigh sidings. There may be other reversals not shown above.

Sources : David Hills (compiled from contemporary reports) & Steve Armitage

Photo Review

46472, probably after running-round outside Winsford & Over station
(photo: 2016 53A Models of Hull Collection/James S Doubleday)

Winsford & Over station comes under careful examination of the tour party
(photo: 2016 53A Models of Hull Collection/James S Doubleday)

Andrew Fairholms ticket for this tour.

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