8th October 1960

M. & G.N.J.R.P.S.
M. & G.N. and Waveney Valley Rail Tour

Locos Used 61572 & 65469
Stock Used 6 coaches (4x BR mark 1's & 2x Gresley formed: BSO+TSO+TSO+RB+TSO+TSO)

Route : headcode 45 throughout

Loco Route
61572 Norwich City - Lenwade - Reepham - Aylsham South - Hoveton & Wroxham - Whitlingham Jn - Wensum Jn - Trowse Swing Bridge Jn - Tivetshall
65469 Tivetshall - Harleston - Homersfield - Bungay - Beccles North Jn - Beccles
65469 Beccles - Beccles North Jn - Oulton Broad South - Oulton Broad North Jn - Lowestoft Central (3)
65469 Lowestoft Central - Oulton Broad North Jn - Reedham - Brundall - Whitlingham Jn - Norwich Thorpe

Notes :
(1) This was the first passenger train to use the 'Themelthorpe spur' between the ex-M&GN Norwich City to Melton Constable line and the and ex-GER County School to Wroxham line, which had opened a few weeks previously (the ex-M&GN line onwards to Melton Constable closing at the same time). It was also the last passenger train, possible last revenue earning train, between Harleston and Bungay, which had been worked as two branches from Tivetshall and Beccles respectively, for some months. A photo-stop was arranged at Homersfield on the section due to close completely. 65469 was used from Tivetshall owing to weight restrictions on the Waveney Valley line.
(2) Tour itinerary carried the name 'M&GN and Waveney Valley Rail Tour' whereas the train headboard read 'Waveney Valley & M&GN Special'.
(3) At Lowestoft Central an unidentified diesel shunter removed the tour stock and propelled it back into the platform again, to release 64569.

Sources : Chris Harley, John Clifford, David Pearson & Andy Butler

Photo Review

61572 waits to leave Norwich City station (photo: David Pearson)

At Themelthorpe the old trackbed to Melton Constable goes straight ahead
whilst the new chord curves sharply to the right (photo: David Pearson)

61572 pauses at Aylsham South for a photostop (photo: David Pearson)

Loco change at Tivetshall; 61572 to 65469 (photo: David Pearson)

65469 at Homersfield. The line has now been taken over by a main road here.
The building on the extreme right is a public house which is still open.
The goods shed at this station still stands, converted into living accommodation.
(photo: David Pearson)

David Pearson's ticket

Timings (Booked Only)
(from David Pearson & Andy Butler)

Location Booked
Norwich City 12.30d
Drayton 12/40
Lenwade 12p53a ~ 13p03d
Whitwell & Reepham 13/10
Reepham 13p20a ~ 13p35d
Cawston 13/43
Aylsham South 14p00a ~ 14p20d
Buxton Lamrs 14/28
Hoveton & Wroxham 14/46
Wensum Jn 15/01
Trowse 15.05 ~ 15.07
Tivetshall 15L33 ~ 15L40
Harleston 16/08
Homersfield 16p23a ~ 16p30d
Bungay 16/45
Beccles 17.15 ~ 17.23
Lowestoft Central 17.43 ~ 17.50
Reedham 18/11
Brundall 18/21
Norwich Thorpe 18.30a

E.C.S. & Light Engine Timings
(from Andy Butler)

E.C.S. : Headcode: 46

Location Booked
Wensum Jn 09.35d
Wroxham 09/48
Aylsham South 10x15 ~ 10x58
Reepham 11/19
Whitwell 11/29
Norwich City 11.50a

Headcode: G

Location Booked
Norwich Thorpe 14.17d
Tivetshall 14.52a

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