15th October 1960

Railway Enthusiasts Club
Aldershot Area Rail Tour

Loco Used 30028
Stock Used 2 coaches (push-pull set no. 1)

Route :

Loco Route
30028 Farnborough [Bay Platform] - Frimley West Jn - Frimley Jn - Frimley
30028 (1) Frimley - Frimley Jn - Ash Vale - Aldershot Government Sidings
30028 Aldershot Government Sidings - Box
30028 (1) Box - Bentley - Bordon
30028 Bordon - Bentley
30028 (1) Bentley - Alton - Butts Jn - Treloars Siding
30028 Treloars Siding - ? Butts Jn or Alton ?
30028 (1)? ? Butts Jn or Alton ? - Farringdon
30028 Farringdon - Butts Jn - Alton - Bentley - Aldershot - Ash Vale - Frimley Jn - Frimley
30028 (1)? Frimley - Frimley Jn - Frimley West Jn - Farnborough

Notes :
(1) Loco propelling.
(2) Originally uploaded called the "North Hampshireman". According to David Pearson however all correspondence and the tour itinerary described this as the "Aldershot Area Rail Tour" and he comments that he has never heard it described as the "North Hampshireman".
(3) Paul Cooper comments: The train started from bay platform at Farnborough main (itself a rare event) and then took the closed Sturt Lane west curve to Frimley. Train then propelled via Ash Vale to Aldershot Military Power Stn, Canal Wharf and Government Sidings. Then to Bentley, Bordon and back to Alton to do Treloars Hospital Siding (Alton-Basingstoke line) and the Farringdon end of the Meon Valley line. Train then ran back to Farnborough via Frimley for disembarking. 30028 hauled throughout.

Sources : John Clifford (compiled from contemporary reports), Paul Cooper & David Pearson

Photo Review

30028 in the bay platform at the start of the tour (photo: David Pearson)

30028 at Farnborough's up main platform (photo: David Pearson)

The train at the Aldershot Military Platform (photo: David Pearson)

On the Aldershot Military power station branch (photo: David Pearson)

30028 at Bordon (photo: David Pearson)

End of the line - Treloars Hospital Platform (photo: David Pearson)

Buffer-stop kissing at Farringdon Goods (photo: David Pearson)

(From Andrew Fairholm's ticket collection)

Timings (Booked Only)
(from David Pearson)

Location Booked
Farnborough 14.05d
Frimley Jn 14/10
Frimley 14.12a ~ 14.14d
Ash Vale 14/20
Aldershot Government Sidings SB 14.23a ~ 15.03d
Aldershot 15/07
Farnham 15/13
Bentley 15.20a ~ 15.21d
Bordon 15.36a ~ 15.50d
Bentley 16.05a ~ 16.06d
Alton 16.14a ~ 16.15d
Butts Jn 16/40
Treloar's Hospital Siding 16.24a ~ 16.30d
Butts Jn 16/32
Alton 16.40a ~ 16.42d
Farringdon 17.00a ~ 17.15d
Alton 17.32a ~ 17.40d
Farnham 17/58
Aldershot 18/04
Ash Vale 18.09a ~ 18.10d
Frimley Jn 18/14
Frimley 18.16a ~ 18.18d
Frimley Jn 18/20
Farnborough 18.25a

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