17th June 1961

Stephenson Locomotive Society (London & Southern Area)
(Brake Van Tour over the Hatfield & St Albans Branch)

Loco Used GNR 1247
Stock Used 8x 'Queen Mary' fitted brake vans

Route : Reporting code 980 throughout

Loco Route
1247 Hatfield - Hill End - St Albans Abbey
1247 St Albans Abbey - Hill End - Hatfield

Notes :
(1) This special was operated for the SLS London & Southern Area and was advertised to members as an outdoor visit rather than a rail tour.

1247 runs round the brake vans at St Albans Abbey (photo: Bruce Nathan)

Sources : John Clifford, Ian Clark (SLS) & Bruce Nathan

Timings (Booked & Actual)
(from Ian Clark (SLS))

Location Booked Actual   Booked Actual
Hatfield 13.45d ??.?? [Down Slow Platform]   14.40a ?
Hill End 13/56 ?   14/29 ?
St Albans Abbey 14.05a ?   14.20d ?

Associated E.C.S. Moves

Location Booked Booked
Mowlems Siding 12.50d ??.??a
Marshmoor 12/55 ?
Hatfield 13.00a ??.??d

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