2nd May 1964

The Gresley Society
London - North Eastern Flyer

Locos Used 4472 'Flying Scotsman' & 60106 'Flying Fox'
Stock Used 9 coaches

Route :

Loco Route
60106 London Kings Cross - Peterborough - (via ECML) - Doncaster
4472 Doncaster - Darlington North Road
4472 Darlington Bank Top - Doncaster
60106 Doncaster - London Kings Cross

Notes :
(1) David Whittaker comments: Some very fine running made by 60106 in both directions between Doncaster and King's Cross and indeed by 4472 on the continuation to Darlington and return. On the return journey 60106 attained 94/96mph down Stoke Bank, despite checks near Essendine and  topped the climb from Grantham at 70mph. Log below is from contemporary sources.
(2) A visit was made to Darlington Works.

Sources : Bevan Price, David Whittaker & Andrew Fairholm

Photo Review

Two shots of 'Flying Scotsman' at York (photos: Arthur Haymes)

60051 & 4472 at York (photo: The Bob Mitchell Collection)

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

Not strictly relating to the tour but the platform ticket shown below was issued for York to allow viewing of 4472 'Flying Scotsman' and 60051 'Blink Bonny' which was used on the RCTS tour the same day.

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

60051 & 4472 at York (photo: G.Devine/The John Debens Collection)

Performance Log
(from David Whittaker, from contemporary sources)

Location Scheduled
Peterborough 0.00 0.00
Stoke ? 22.15
Grantham 31.00 26.43
Newark 43.00 38.56
Retford 63.00 55.29
Bawtry ? 66.37
Doncaster 86.00 77.06

Sigs: Claypole &  Two PWS slacks
Net time  70 minutes. Min speed Stoke Summit 69mph
Max speed 86mph Claypole

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