9th May 1964

Locomotive Club of Great Britain
(Brakevan Tour of LNWR Lines in the Bolton Area)

Loco Used 47378
Stock Used 2x Brakevans

Route :

Loco Route
47378 ??? - ???

Note :
(1) David Hull provided the following information, from Holland's superb 'Plodder Lane for Farnworth' book, Triangle Publishing, 2001 (page 85). The page bears a good quality photo of a Jinty at Crook Street, Bolton (near Bolton Great Moor Street) propelling two brakevans full of enthusiasts, macs and all. The caption reads: 'The last passenger train on the L&NWR lines in the Bolton area was this two-brakevan special, organised by the LCGB on 9th May 1964. The train is seen here in the yard at Crook St. on its way to the Magee, Marshall's Siding on the High St. branch, propelled by Class. 3F 0-6-0T No. 47378.' The photo is credited to 'Dr. J. G. Blears'. The use of 47378 throughout is implied, but requires confirming, along with the route.

Source : David Hull

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