24th August 1968

Ipswich Land Transport Society

Locos Used D2281 & D2282
Stock Used 5 brake vans & a converted Conflat L wagon

Route :

Loco Route
D2282 (1) Ipswich MPD - Halifax Jn - Griffin Wharf
D2282 (1) Griffin Wharf - Halifax Jn - Ipswich Goods Jn
D2282 (1) Ipswich Goods Jn - Ipswich Upper Yard - Ipswich Lower Yard
D2281 Ipswich Lower Yard - Ipswich Docks (2) - Cliffe Quay
D2281 Cliffe Quay - Ipswich Docks - Ipswich Lower Yard
D2282 Ipswich Lower Yard - Ipswich Upper Yard - Ipswich Goods Jn - Ipswich Station (centre road) - Halifax Jn - Ipswich MPD

Notes :
(1) Loco propelling.
(2) Part way through the docks the way was found to be blocked by a road diversion. After some negotiation the blockage was removed to allow the train to pass.

D2281 in Ipswich Docks (photo: The Mike Morant Collection)

Source : Chris Harley

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