12th October 1968

The East Manchester Rail Tour

DMU Used 3-car set

Route : 1T55 throughout

DMU Route
as listed Manchester Central - Cornbrook - Throstle Nest East Jn - Chorlton Jn - Hyde Road - Fairfield - Guide Bridge - Hyde - Romiley
as listed Romiley - Ashburys - Philips Park No.2 - Baguley Fold Jn - Clayton Bridge - Droylsden - Ashton Moss North Jn - Ashton Moss South Jn - Crowthorn Jn - Guide Bridge - Ashton East Jn - Hyde Jn - Woodley - Marple Wharf Jn - Rose Hill Marple - Bollington - Macclesfield
as listed Macclesfield - Bollington - Rose Hill Marple - Marple Wharf Jn - Romiley - Bredbury
as listed Bredbury - Marple - New Mills - Hayfield
as listed Hayfield - New Mills - Marple - Woodley - Apethorne Jn - Godley Jn - Dinting - Glossop
as listed Glossop - Hadfield
as listed Hadfield - Guide Bridge East Jn - Guide Bridge North Jn - Stalybridge
as listed Stalybridge - Ashton-under-Lyne - O.A. & G.B. Jn - Ashton Moss South Jn - Crowthorn Jn - Stockport
as listed Stockport - Denton Jn - Ashton Moss Jn - Droylsden Jn - Manchester Victoria

Notes :
This tour provided some interesting views of the declining importance of railways. The tour's departure from the expansive, barely used and soon to be closed Manchester Central set the stage for the tour. Typical was the run past the site of Gorton Works and depot, all had been demolished. In passing the Great Central C&W Works at Dukinfield it was noted that the buildings were still standing but no longer occupied by railway related businesses.

From Andrew Fairholm's ticket collection.

Sources : David Hills (compiled from contemporary reports) & Kevin Driscoll

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