25th August 1975

British Rail
(Day Excursion)

Locos Used at least 33xxx, 33yyy & 86xxx
Stock Used 11 coaches

Route :

Loco(s) Route
86xxx Wolverhampton - Birmingham New Street - Stechford - Coventry - Mitre Bridge Jn
33xxx Mitre Bridge Jn - (via West London Line) - Herne Hill - Shortlands Jn - Chatham - Margate - Ramsgate
33xxx Ramsgate - (reverse of outward route) - near Herne Bay
8-car EMU
near Herne Bay - Faversham
33yyy Faversham - (reverse of outward route) - Shortlands Jn - Catford - Willesden
8???? Willesden - (reverse of outward route) - Wolverhampton

Notes :
(1) Route & loco confirmation required.

'Devonian comments : I joined this 11 coach Bank Holiday excursion at Stechford. Class 86 to Mitre Bridge Jnc then single Class 33 via West London line + Herne Hill + Chatham. On the return the 33 failed just before Herne Bay. A following 8-car EMU propelled us into Herne Bay where its passsengers were detrained before propelling us non-stop to the approach to Faversham station (a 20 vehicle train!). Here a replacement 33 took off the defective one before reattaching and proceeding to Willesden. The route was the same as outward, except that the Catford loop line was taken. An unidentified type of electric took over from there.

Source : 'Devonian' (joined/left the train at Stechford)

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