31st August 1975

British Rail
(Shildon 150 Shuttles)

DMU's Used ?????

Route : (multiple runs made)

DMU Route
as listed Darlington - North Road - Heighington - Shildon
as listed Shildon - (reverse of outward route) - Darlington

Notes :
(1) A series of DMU shuttle connection to Shildon for the Shildon 150 Cavalcade. The DMU caught by
John Broderick (actual timings below) undertook a reverse move on arrival at Shildon.

Sources : various including John Broderick

Timings (Actual Only)
(from John Broderick)

Location Actual (out)   Actual (rtn)
Darlington 12.07d   18.13a
North Road 12/11   18/07
Heighington 12/20   17/58
Shildon 12/30 & 12.35a   17.52d

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