25th April 1981

Deltic Preservation Society
The North Briton

Loco Used 55002 'The Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry'

Route : 1Z14 throughout

Loco Route
55002 York - Leeds - Skipton - Settle Jn (2) - Carnforth
55002 Carnforth - Carlisle - (via Carstairs Avoider) - Edinburgh Waverley - (via ECML) - Newcastle - King Edward East Jn - Sunderland - Hartlepool - Stockton - York

Notes :
(1) The second DPS-organised railtour.
(2) Original route was via the S&C but due to heavy snow the train was diverted via Carnforth & WCML. A set-back move was required at Settle Jn once the re-routing had been decided (the tour was waiting there for the S&C to be ploughed but it was declared impassable).

55002 waiting at Settle Jn (photographed from a charter passing towards
Carnforth (photo: Howard Parker)

Sources : David Garnett, Derek Hoskins & Gary Thornton

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Derek Hoskins)

Location Booked
York 09.37d
Leeds ??.??a ~ 10.15d
Appleby 12p07a ~ 12p22d
Carlisle 13p02a ~ 13p17d
Edinburgh 15.12a ~ 17.39d
Dunbar 18p06a ~ 18p16d
Newcastle 19.46a ~ ??.??d
Hartlepool 20.41a ~ ??.??d
Stockton 21.01a ~ ??.??d
York 21.51a

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