4th July 1981

Hertfordshire Railtours
The Fenbasher

DMU Used 51881+59676+59661+51661

Route :

DMU Route
as listed ??? - Coldham Lane Jn - ???

Notes :
(1) There was some confusion regarding this tour and whether it ran on this date or had been postponed to run on 25th July instead. This was finally 'put to bed' by LASERman who confirms a tour booking form for the 25th July tour carried the following comment: 'The 4th July tour was noteworthy in running a lot further down most branches than any other tour in recent times, and the repeat is expected to do the same!' The advertising for this first tour also included a traversal of the Fen Drayton branch in the evening but this was declined because of track condition. LASERman further comments: As far as I am aware both tours operated exactly the same and may well have done so in the same timings. Gordon Fuller photographed it at Coldham Lane Jn signalbox and ahs supplied the DMU vehicles used.

Sources : David Manders, LASERman & Gordon Fuller

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