5th September 1981

Hertfordshire Rail Tours
Severn Freighter

DMU Used 51383+59493+51341

Route :

DMU Route
as listed London Paddington (07.50) - Reading - Newbury - Heywood Road Jn - Hawkeridge Jn - Bradford South Jn - Bradford North Jn (1)
as listed Bradford North Jn - Bradford West Jn - Bath Spa - Bristol Temple Meads - Parson Street - Ashton Gate
as listed Ashton Gate - Parson Street - Bristol West Jn - St. Philips Marsh - North Somerset Jn - Dr Days Jn - Narroways Hill Jn - Avonmouth - Holesmouth Jn - Hallen Marsh Jn - North Filton - Patchway - Severn Tunnel - Newport High Street
as listed Newport High Street - East Usk Jn - Uskmouth (2)
as listed Uskmouth - East Usk Jn - Newport High Street
as listed Newport High Street - Llanwern Wks. West Connection - via Up Service Line - Llanwern Works East Connection - Bishton Flyover - Severn Tunnel Jn - Chepstow - Tidenham
as listed Tidenham - Wye Valley Jn
as listed Wye Valley Jn - Lydney - Gloucester - Gloucester Yard Jn - Standish Jn - Berkeley Road Jn - Sharpness
as listed Sharpness - Berkeley Road Jn - Gloucester Yard Jn - Gloucester
as listed Gloucester - Gloucester Yard Jn - Standish Jn - Yate South Jn
as listed Yate South Jn - Tytherington Quarry
as listed Tytherington Quarry - Yate South Jn - Westerleigh Jn - Bristol Parkway - Dr Days Jn - North Somerset Jn - Bath Spa Chippenham - Swindon - London Paddington

Notes :
(1) Original route was via Swindon and Melksham but, owing to engineering works, the train was diagrammed via Berks & Hants route. The reversal at Bradford North Jn was to keep the much-sought after Bradford North to West curve in the route.
(2) Andy Pullar comments that the train stopped short of the normal point for railtours owing to a freight train derailment. (Alan Sheppard adds - in todays world, the train would not have even ventured onto the branch at all).

Source : Ray Humphries & Andy Pullar

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