4th May 1991

Flying Scotsman Services Ltd / InterCity
The Yns Mons Express

Locos Used at least steam : 46229 'Duchess of Hamilton'
Stock Used see note (1)

Route :

Loco(s) Advertised Route
????? London Euston - (via WCML, Trent Valley) - Crewe
46229 Crewe - Holyhead
46229 Holyhead - Crewe
????? Crewe - (reverse of outward route) - London Euston

Notes :
(1) Dave Warby comments: observed this tour departing from Holyhead. The locomotive used was 46229 and not 4472 as apparently advertised. The consist (not necessarily in order of marshalling in the train) was as follows: Car No. 123+Car No. 124+Car No. 357+Car No. 351+Car No. 132+Car No. 349+Car No. 347+Car No. 348+1672+Car No. 352+Car No. 353+Car No. 129.
(2) Howard Parker comments: Details were given in the Hertfordshire Rail Tours 125 Special of this tour which would be steam hauled by 46229 Duchess of Hamilton between Crewe and Holyhead. This was booked to leave Crewe before the 125 but actually left 30 minutes late and followed the 125. Travelling direct to Holyhead, it was already there when the 125 arrived.

46229 waiting to leave Holyhead (photo: Howard Parker)

Sources : David Morgan, Dave Warby & Howard Parker

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