5th May 1991

? Network SouthEast ?
(Wimbledon Depot Open Day Shuttles)

EMUs Used 4-SUB 4732 & 4-EPB 5001

Route :

Two shuttle services were provided, one by 4-SUB 4732 and the other 4-EPB 5001

EMU Route
4732 London Waterloo - Clapham Junction - East Putney - East 
Wimbledon - Wimbledon
4732 Wimbledon - (reverse of outward route) - London Waterloo


EMU Route
5001 London Waterloo - Clapham Junction - East Putney - East 
Wimbledon - Wimbledon
5001 Wimbledon - (reverse of outward route) - London Waterloo

Notes :
(1) There were also two internal shuttles on offer to visitors according to LASERman:
(a) Along No 1 New Siding with Wickham trolley DX98082 between 5m 78ch (close to Earlsfield exit shunters cabin) towards Durnsford Road end of the siding at 6m 19ch and back. This operated as required giving a bone-jarring ride at a maximum of something probably not much above 10 mph which seems considerably faster when you are riding on it. (I have heard of these achieving 50 mph so I hate to think what that must feel like!) The trip I travelled on departed at 1621, reversing at Durnsford Road end 1625-1625 with a higher speed run back to terminate at 1627.
(b) The other shuttle operated along No 4 new siding past Durnsford Road and along No 1 transfer road towards the Top Yard shunters cabin. Used steam locomotives 35028 on the Wimbledon end and 34027 on the Earlsfield end, with coaches 7235+4935+4901+84016. A double return trip was operated each time. From where I was sitting in the train we travelled between 6m 07ch and 6m 40ch. Timings on my trip depart 1649, Top yard 1652-1654, 4 new siding 1657-1658, Top yard 1701-1703, 4 new siding 1706.

Sources : Nick Lawford & LASERman

Photo Review
(all photos: LASERman)

The steam shuttle...as seen from the Wickham Trolley shuttle!

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