6th October 1991

GW Travel
The European (Day 4 of 4)

Locos Used at least steam: DR 18 201
Stock Used load 4 DR stock (including a Mitropa Buffet Car)

Route : 

Loco(s) Route
18 201 Amsterdam CS - Amersfoort - Apeldoorn - Hengelo - Oldenzaal - Bad Bentheim GR - Rheine - Ibbenbüren - Osnabrück Hbf - Kirschlengern - Löhne - Bückeburg - Hannover Hbf - Braunschweig Hbf - Helmstedt - Eilsleben - Magdeburg Hbf - Brandenburg Hbf - Potsdam Hbf - Berlin Wannsee - Berlin Zoo - Berlin Friedrichstrasse - Berlin Hbf

Notes : 
(1) This was a special train from Berlin to Amsterdam and return. The N.V.B.S. (Dutch Association for Railway Enthusiasts) were celebrating their 60th Anniversary in Amsterdam, with a very impressive Steam Cavalcade at Amsterdam Westhaven on 05/10/91, and various special trains around the Amsterdam area over this weekend.
(2) It is reported that 18 201 broke the Dutch Steam Speed Record at 128kph on this train, between Amersfoort and Apeldoorn.
(3) Route confirmation required - above is from booked timings.

Source : Nick Bartlett (on the tour from Amsterdam CS to Apeldoorn)

Timings (Booked Only)
(from GW Travel)

Location Booked
Amsterdam CS 11.05d
Amersfoort ?
Apeldoorn 12p30 ~ 12p50
Hengelo 13p38 ~ 13p56
Oldenzaal 14.25d
Bad Bentheim GR 14w42 ~ 15w45
Rheine 16.06d
Ibbenüren 16p20 ~ 16p40
Osnabrück Hbf 16.58a
Kirschlengern 17p29 ~ 17p35
Löhne 17.43a
Bückeburg 18w02 ~ 18w57
Hannover Hbf 19.42a
Braunschweig Hbf 20.26a
Helmstedt 20.43a
Eilsleben 21w12 ~ 22w06
Magdeburg Hbf 22.49a
Brandenburg Hbf 00.08a
Potsdam 00.38a
Berlin Wannsee 00.50a
Berlin Zoo 01.06a
Berlin Friedrichstrasse 01.20a
Berlin Hbf 01.33a

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