2nd November 1991

Badger Railtours
The Fletton Avoider

DMU's Used L700 (53296+59115+53207)
L830 (51190+59111+53333)

Route : 1G06 throughout

DMU Route
L700 London London Liverpool Street [P9] - (via  Down Bishopsgate then via DM over to Down Electric and back over to DM again to use all the crossovers at Bethnal Green) - Stratford - Temple Mills East Jn - Copper Mill Jn - Tottenham South Jn - South Tottenham East Jn - Seven Sisters Jn - (via Down Enfield line) - Bury Street Jn  (via Down Southbury Loop) - Cheshunt Jn - Broxbourne (P4 loop) - Harlow Town (P4 loop) - (via cross-over) - Bishops Stortford (P3 upside) - Stansted South Jn - Stansted East Jn - Stansted Airport
L700 Stansted Airport - Stansted North Jn - (via cross-over) - Audley End (Up Passenger line [P1]) - (via cross-over to DM) - Signal CA528
L700 Signal CA528 - Ciba Geigy Dry Chemical Reception
L700 Ciba Geigy Dry Chemical Reception - (via DM) - CA 527 signal - Whittelsford (via DGL) - Cambridge South (DGL, via route "G" ex CA147) - Cambridge (Down Station goods) - (via Route "G" from CA179) - Cambridge North (DGL) - Chesterton Jn
L700 Chesterton Jn - Barnwell Jn GF
L700 Barnwell Jn GF - Barnwell Oil Siding
L700 Barnwell Oil Siding - Barnwell Jn GF - Coldham Lane Jn - Cambridge Up Goods Line - Trumpington Sidings
L700 Trumpington Sidings - (via middle cross-over) - Cambridge [P4]
L830 Cambridge [P1] - (via UM) - Foxton - Barrington Exchange Sidings (centre road)
L830 Barrington Exchange Sidings - Foxton - Cambridge (P1 to P4) - Ely North Jn
L830 Ely North Jn - Ely North Jn SB
L830 Ely North Jn SB - Papworth Sidings headshunt
L830 "A number of reversing movements took place to get into the RMC Hopper Headshunt then back to Down Main"
L830 Papworth Sidings - Ely North Jn - Ely West Jn - Whitemoor Jn - Wisbech Spillers Sidings
L830 Wisbech Spillers Sidings - Whitemoor Jn - March West Jn - Peterborough [P5] - Eastfield SB
L830 Eastfield SB - Peterborough - Huntingdon - (via US) - Stevenage - Welwyn Garden City [P1] (via Up Passenger Loop and "Hump Line") - Potters Bar - Alexandra Palace (via UGL) - Harringay Reversing Sidings
L830 Harringay Reversing Sidings - Ferme Park Flyover - Hornsey Down Slow No.2
L830 Hornsey Down Slow No.2 - Haringay Jn - Gospel Oak [P3]
L830 Gospel Oak - South Tottenham - Tottenham South Jn - Temple Mills East Jn - Channelsea North Jn - Carpenters Road South Jn - (via UGL past Thornton Fields exit then cross-overs to Up Electric) - Bow Jn - Gas Factory Jn - London Fenchurch Street [P3]

Missing Or Uncertain information on this tour :
(1) Which platform at Stansted Airport?
(2) Reversal at Chesterton Jn did it take place on the main line or the Yard branch?
(3) Details of movements within Papworth Terminal
(4) Sidings used at Wisbech
(5) Exact details of Eastfield Yard route.
(6) Which platform used at Peterbough during the movement back towards London?

Sources : Paul Griffin (joined at Bishops Stortford, left at Fenchurch Street),
Shayne Lewis (on the train throughout) & Adrian Palmer

Timings (Actual Only)
(from Shayne Lewis)

Location Actual
London Liverpool Street 08.13d
Tottenham South Jn 08/31
South Tottenham East Jn 08/35
Seven Sisters 08/42
Cheshunt 08/57
Broxbourne 09/02
Harlow Town 09/10
Bishops Stortford [P3] 09.24a ~ 09.30d
Stansted Airport 09.36a ~ 09.39d
Elsenham 09/55
Audley End [UPL] 10/04
CA 528 signal 10.10a ~ 10.12d
Ciba Geigy Dry Goods Siding 10.16a ~ 10.27d
CA 527 signal 10/35
Whittlesford [DGL] 10/36
Cambridge South [DGL] 10/4
CA 179 signal 10/53
Chesterton Jn 10.59a ~ 11.01d
Barnwell Jn GF 11.03a ~ 11.06d
Barnwell Oil Term [gates] 11.12a ~ 11.15d
Barnwell Jn GF 11.20a ~ 11.21d
Cambridge UGL 11.26a ~ 11.29d
Trumpington Sidings 11.32a ~ 11.34d
Cambridge Station [P4 ~ P1] 11.48a ~ 12.15d
Foxton Station 12/26
Barrington Exchange Sidings 12.28a ~ 12.34d
Foxton Station 12/40
CA 149 signal 12/50
Cambridge Station [P1 to P4] 12.52a ~ 12.56d
Ely South Jn 13.17a ~ 13.24d
Ely Station [P1] 13/25
Ely North Jn 13/34
Papworth Terminal Headshunt ??.??a ~ ??.??d
Papworth RMC ??.??a ~ ??.??d
March Station 14/21
Whitemoor Jn 14/25
Wisbech 15.00a ~ 15.08d
Whitemoor Jn 15/45
March West Jn 15.50a ~ 15.56d
Peterborough [P5] 16.16a ~ 16.34d
Eastfield Yard SB 16.35a ~ 16.51d
Peterborough 16.52a ~ 16.54d
Huntingdon 17/50
Sandy 18/04
Hitchin 18/17
Stevenage 18/20
Welwyn Garden City 18/34
Potters Bar 18/41
Alexandra Palace [P1] 18/48
Harringay Reversing Siding 18.51a ~ 18.55d
Hornsey Down Slow 2 19.00a ~ 19.32d
Gospel Oak [P3] 19.42a ~ 19.44d
South Tottenham 19/54
High Meads Jn 20/07
Channelsea Jns 20/08
Carpenders Road South Jn 20/09
Bow Jn 20/11
Gas Factory Jn 20/13
London Fenchurch Street 20.22a

Held south of Peterborough owing to single line working [SLW] over Up Fast

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