Caption Contest

An occasional series of photos that deserve some additional commentary...feel free to send in your thoughts...

The above from LASERman, who offers:
I dont know how Im going to cope with the smoking ban in July, Im on 37 a day!

"I want to be an ALCo when I grow up"

From Martin Thorn:
The second man had still not mastered his duties after transferring from steam locos.

From Justin Edwards:
Despite heavy bombing the PLEG charter ran successfully.

Photographed during a photo-stop on a railtour in Belgium.

From Miggy:
"Don't worry it's only muppet talking bull as usual"

From Steve Cassidy & Lisa:
The phot stop came to an abrupt and unexpected end when the cow 'gave it some thrash'......

The cow realised it was in trouble when it heard a voice from behind......'Number 2642?? Dreadful - required for haulage!!'

Cow: '...and they have the gall to call ME mad!!!!!'

Cow: 'Blimey, wait for ages for a basher, and then 30 come along at once!!'

"Is that the best they can pull?!"

From Martin Thorn:
I don't remember yellow locos on the Cowes line.

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