4th - 6th May 2002
Bo'ness 2002 (or Miracles are us!!!)

Phill T describes...

The May 2002 Boíness Gala always had the makings of a memorable event
With the best collection of small Sulzers and a rather steep hill
Things were starting to get a bit tight as far as 33019 was concerned though
As arrival was put back until Thursday then Friday lunchtime with it actually arriving at approximately 22:00 Friday night!!!!
Saturday morning saw quite a few bleary-eyed people returning to their labours on said locomotive
Meanwhile the event got under way with 47643 in charge of the 09:00
The day then produced some rather nice runs with the fleet of 6LDA monsters
And also seeing the Rat Roadshow headboard making its debut north of the border
While at Boíness much frantic activity was still taking place around the 33
By early afternoon 33019 had been started and after a refreshing cup of tea in the most pleasing buffet at Boíness I just happened to be on the platform when 33019 move under itís own power for the first time
 in over3 years while there wasnít many people there to see it the round of applause was genuine
A trip or 2 more and then the slap up feed in the buffet before the beerex
Then at approximately 20:00 33019 with 26024 inside for insurance left Boíness
About half way up the hill the turbo decided to join in and several yearís worth of clag
Appeared all at once (one man ended up with a crunchy topping to his pint!!)
At Birkhill 33019 decided enough was enough (and who can blame it)
And decided not to take power but what an achievement to get there in the first place
Knighthoods deserved around for that one

Sunday again saw the 09:00 worked by 47643 and then the usual suspects as well as 33019 making outings with its Scottish cousins 27001 & then 26004 & 27001 for moral support
It is really a rather nice hill
Monday was mixed steam and diesel and saw 27001 on the 09:00 (first early start of the trip)
But from then until we had to leave the railway 33019 was out to play on itís own on the diesel turn and sounding better with every run
The effort put in by the ladís to get 33019 running is hard to believe
And the understanding of wives & girlfriends is unbelievable
And it is most refreshing to attend a railway where everybody makes you feel welcome even if you are
there for diesels

I understand that to top this achievement the diesel group will be demonstrating theyíre soot juggling & fog platting skills in September!

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