9th-10th June 2001
Another Line in the Book (27066)
(ELR & The North Norfolk)

Phill Taylor describes....

The move was planed as: Finish work early (06:00) Sat morn (9-6-01) then a fast taxi to Dewsbury for the 07:03 to Manchester

For 80 miles off 832 at the East-Lanc’s

And it all worked out with time to do the café in Bury before the 09:00 (the week before I ended up running across Bury to make a minus 10 on to D7076 on the 09:00 and made it with 10 minuets to spare!!)

So 5 round trips and some nice Maybach music from the front of the train (a good start to the weekend)

Then my move was to doss in StalyBridge for the fast car move to the north Norfolk the next morning!

So with my arm twisted firmly up my back I was forced to drink several pints of real ale!!!

Then it was doss and get up at 04:30!!!

Fast car to Rotherham for a change of car to an even faster one!!!

One last pick up in Sheffield then right off way Sheringham!!!

We arrived for the 09:35 ex Sheringham with 25057 in charge!!!!

(We have a contender for 25235’s crown as loudest Rat in preservation!!) And promptly set the tone for the day (THRASH, THRASH AND MORE THRASH!!!)

Although I didn’t do it (not to my taste) I did see & hear the tractor and it appeared to be driven as loudly as the SULZER Type 2’s(Very inspired!!)

My move was :

25057 Sheringham –Holt-Weybourne
(yes the line in the book) Weybourne-Holt-Sheringham
25057 Sheringham-Holt-Weybourne
27066 Weybourne-holt –Sheringham

Time for a swift pint (green king ipa)

Then 25057 & 27066 Sheringham-Holt-Sheringham

For snack’s and a bottle or 2

Followed by 27066 on the DMU drag Sheringham-Holt-Sheringham
25057 & 20069 Sheringham -Holt-Sheringham
27066 Shringham -Holt-Weybourne
25057 Weybourne-holt-Sheringham (a most inspired run downhill!!! several times we slowed to walking pace just to give it some Thrash!!)

So in my humble opinion A Dammed fine day!!!

And I Recommend The LOUD Norfolk railway to anybody!!!

I know I’ll be back!!!!

Phill Taylor

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