28th April 1973

Dean Forest R.P.S.
Llynfi & Ogmore

Loco Used steam: 0-6-0PT 9642
Stock Used open wagons & brake van(s)
DMU Used ?????

Route :

Traction Route
DMU as listed Gloucester – Lydney – Chepstow – Severn Tunnel Junction – Newport – Cardiff – Barry Island - Barry Pier
DMU as listed Barry Pier – Barry Island - Barry
DMU as listed Barry – Bridgend – Tondu - Maesteg Llynfi Jn
9642 Maesteg Llynfi Jn - Maesteg Washery - Maesteg Deep Locomotive Shed - Cwmdu
9642 Cwmdu - Maesteg Llynfi Jn
DMU as listed Maesteg Llynfi Jn - Tondu
DMU as listed Tondu - Nantymoel
DMU as listed Nantymoel - Tondu
DMU as listed Tondu - Blaengarw
DMU as listed Blaengarw - Tondu - Cefn Jn - Pyle - Margam Abbey East Jn
DMU as listed Margam Abbey East  Jn - Newlands Jn - Tondu - Bridgend - Cardiff Central - (reverse of outward route) - Gloucester

Notes :
(1) Greg Beecroft comments: The trip was originally advertised to go to Wern Tarw, but this was found, in advance, not to be possible. It would seem that the tickets had been printed by then, but the schedule was revised.  The steam trip at Maesteg was not, to the best of my recollection, advertised in advance. In absence of any schedule it was a bit of a mystery tour.  The stop at Cefn Junction was to slacken the couplings and disconnect the gangway connections, because of the extreme curvature on the line to Pyle. The stop at Pyle was to reconnect and tighten up everything. This was an exceptionally good trip, made all the better by fine, sunny weather. It was, almost certainly, the last passenger train to Barry Pier.

Sources : Chris Harley, Greg Beecroft & Robert Green

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Greg Beecroft)

Location Booked
Gloucester 09.35d
Lydney ??.??a ~ 09.57d
Chepstow ??.??a ~ 10.10d
Severn Tunnel Junction ??.??a ~ 10.22d
Newport ??.??a ~ 10.37d
Cardiff General 10.51a ~ 10.58d
Barry Pier 11.35a ~ 11.45d
Barry 11.55a ~ 12.00d
Bridgend 12.30a ~ 12.33d
Tondu 12.42a ~ 12.43d
Maesteg Llynfi Jn 12.59a
No schedule published for the trip on NCB lines to Cwmdu and back
Maesteg Llynfi Jn 13.59d
Tondu 14.15a ~ 14.15d
Nantymoel 14.52a ~ 15.02d
Tondu 15.36a ~ 15.39d
Blaengarw 16.03a ~ 16.13d
Tondu 16.37a ~ 16.40d
Cefn Jn 16.52a ~ 17.04d
Pyle 17.18a ~ 17.30d
Margam Abbey East Jn 17.37a ~ 17.41d
Newlands Jn 17.44a ~ 17.45d
Tondu 18.08a ~ 18.11d
Cardiff General 18.49a ~ ??.??d
Newport 19.09a ~ ??.??d
Severn Tunnel Junction 19.23a ~ ??.??d
Chepstow 19.36a ~ ??.??d
Lydney 19.50a ~ ??.??d
Gloucester 20.16a

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