Day Trip on 47's

Gary Wiseman with a days bashing that is now relegated to history.

Prior to travel;
I decided to try & capture the 09.05 Birmingham New Street - Newcastle (which would form the 14.30 Newcastle - Bristol) on camera as it passes Tyne Yard/ Angel of the North, so I caught the bus to the Angel and went for a swift half in the delightful but swanky Angel View Inn. After finishing my drink I thought that I would be able to get a fantastic photo of the train passing Tyne Yard so I proceeded to walk past the Angel and to my horror after a  short lapse of time discovered that the carbunkle of the A19 blocked my view! In desperation I fought through the nettles and bushes on the embankment only to miss the train passing as soon as a I found a reasonable view of the ECML. I then had to quickly fight my way back to the Angel to catch a bus back into Newcastle. On arrival at Newcastle Station I purchased a Virgin Saver ticket to York and caught the 14.30 NEW-BTM with 47 810 "Porterbrook" at the helm.

14.30 Newcastle - Bristol Temple Meads;
I boarded the unusually busy train, but I managed to find a seat towards the front of the train after a little bit of bellowing as the train left! As the train passed Chester-Le-Street an announcement came over the PA that the Buffet was now open, So thirsty after my trek(!) I proceed to the Buffet. When I got to the Buffet Car I was served by a beautiful young baglet, Man she was lovely! - oh I forgot I purchased a can of Stella, and went back for more after the train passed Northallerton. The Gripper was actually quite jolly when he checked my ticket - makes a change!

In York;
On arrival I popped into the 'Corner Inn' near to the City walls which is a nice cosy pub for some refreshment. The Chelsea v Preston North End cup tie was on the telly and a chap called Cresswell unbelievably scored for Preston making it 1-0!

Leeds bound;
I walked back to the station, purchased a Day return to Leeds and caught the delayed 11.00 Aberdeen - Bristol Temple Meads tram. The locos were 43 094 & 43 103. Alough it is a short journey to Leeds I purchased a cup of coffee from the buffet.

15.00 Bristol Temple Meads - York;
After a prolonged beer move I went for the 15.00 BTM - YRK  which arrived at 19.11 -  21 mins late hauled by 47 818 "Strathclyde". The train was formed of  7 carriages with one of the TSO's in total darkness in the middle of the freezing train, not that it mattered as my main desire was do some bellowing out of the front vestibule on a dreadful journey.

Beer move back in York;
I had a walk to the Falcon in the City centre and was served by the lovely blonde baglet that works in the nice but for some reason it is always empty!

16.57 Bristol Temple Meads - Newcastle;
This train arrived surprisingly at 20.54 only 1 min late at York with 43 063 "Maiden Voyager" & 43 166 and to make things more obscene it arrived at Newcastle 7 mins early! at 21.54.

A canny day out with two 47's and two Trams and plenty of beer - HELLFIRE!

Gary Wiseman

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