Diesel Galas and Other Happenings

Bashing Tales

The Big USA Bash, November 2008
Pete Callaghan back again in the USA.

The 'Allo 'Allo Alloa Rover
Chris Totty gets new track in the book in Scotland

The Great Summer Croatia & Czech Bash, 2008
Pete Callaghan heads back to Central Europe.

Cycling Lands End to John o'Groats
Ian Rear 'gets on his bike'...

USA - April 2008
Pete Callaghan makes another trip Stateside.

Chasing Loud Locos in Czech
Pete Callaghan in action yet again!

Steaming around the Balkans
Pete Callaghan in action again.

USA - October 2007
Pete Callaghan takes a trip Stateside.

I'm here to work...honest!
Photo dairy of some personal time on a business trip.

"How Far do you Think to the Next Gas Station?"
'Bista' and friends on the bash in the US in 1996.

"The Boys Are Back In Town - USA Tour 2006"
The 2006 US bash.

"The No, We Are NOT Australian - USA Tour 2005"
My second US beer & trains bash.

"Southern Britain Bash"
Martin Thorn travelling around the south of the country.

"6-Day Scottish Bash, 2005"
Stuart Smith finishing off Scotland (so to speak).

"The Forgotten Route"
Jason Warner heads north for a day.

PRAR on a not so good day out.....

"Duff Bashing"
Mark Honey gets in some class 47 mileage.

"The Wot, No More Sam Adams? - USA Tour 2004"
Thirteen cranks "do" the US.

"The Last Post"
A little of what's left in the UK, from Janet Cottrell.

"Bashing 101's & HST's"
Hellfiregrowler gets in one last 101 bash.

"Seeking Rare Loco Haulage"
A day out for "Hellfire Growler".

"Bashing Virgins"
David Russell out and about.

"A Weekend in New York"
Simon Bennett thinks big for a weekends bash!

"Daytrip on 47's"
Gary Wiseman reflects on a recent days bashing...

"Back in the day..."
Matthew James goes on a bash round Scotrail territory

"The Case of the unidentified 37"
Nigel Benning goes Scotrail sleeper bashing too!

"Bashing in your sleep"
Sleeping through four required loco haulages!

9th June 1976 - 9th June 2001 : 25 Solid Years of Trains....
Part 2 - The 1980's

9th June 1976 - 9th June 2001 : 25 Solid Years of Trains....
Have I really been "doing it" that long?!?

2nd June 2001 : Daytripping....
Jonathan Wilcox on a runabout in the Birmingham area

27th January 2001 : You Can't Beat a Good Crank....
"Selby" goes bashing around a Pathfinder Railtour.

13th January 2001 : A Quiet Day In....
Tractors everywhere!

2nd January 2001 : Cheap Spoon Bashing
Adrian Knight on a CENTRO Daytripper, bashing spoons.

28-30th December 2000 : GM v. EE
Sampling "the last" in two different countries in as many days.

July 2000 : Last Week of the 37's?
Jonathan Wilcox out chasing tractors on the North Wales Coast.

10th June 2000 : One Last Bash...
Tractors, preserved stuff and a Freightliner Skoda, all in one weekend.

18th March 2000 : Cardiff Valleys Diesel Gala II
David Clark again reports...

5th March 2000 : West Highland Napier
Ralph Barrett gets cold and wet in Scotland!

19th February 2000 : Cardiff Valleys Diesel Gala
Something about rugby players and strange shaped balls...

23rd January 2000 : Anglian Deltic
Napier power on a class 1 Anglia Railways express!

28th August 1999 : A Crompton, A Peak & a Pair of Kettles
A Saturday spent scratching new preserved railways, with diesel traction of course!

29th May 1999 : First North Western ~ Diesel gala (?)
Proof a days loco bashing can still be fun....and profitable!

10th April 1999 : Peds on the Marston Vale Line
Fragonset 31's on Silverlink service trains between Bletchley & Bedford.

6th March 1999 : The Settle & Carlisle Diesel gala
Diverted WCML services over the "S&C".

5th December 1998 : D9000 makes it to Newcastle....again
Ralph Barrett describes another journey to Newcastle with D9000.

19th September 1998 : D9000 heads north for a change
Not the normal Saturday outing to Ramsgate for D9000...
Ralph Barrett describes the journey to Newcastle with photographs by Craig Oliphant.

31st August 1998 : Anglia Railways "Deltic to the Sea"
Ralph Barrett describes a trip from London to Great Yarmouth with Deltic D9000.

29th - 31st August 1998 : A three-day Weekend - trains, trains and....trains!
A Bank Holiday weekend spent on the rails.

8th & 9th August 1998 : Another Desperate Weekend...
Two days spent chasing "preserved" traction on the mainline.

25th July 1998 : A Day (Well, 40 Minutes) at the Seaside
An outing behind Deltic D9000 on the Virgin Trains service to Ramsgate.

14th February 1998 : Valentines Day with Muriel
A tale of Muriels outing on Valentines Day - by Andy Flowers.
14th February 1998 : The Virgin Footballer

Another perspective on Muriels outing - by Ralph Barrett.

12th January 1998 : Class 33 in the Welsh Valleys
A tale of diesel bashing out of Cardiff Central.

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