4th August 2002
The Grimsby Gronk

(An event promoted by Selby Promotions)

The aim of today was to whip in 08102 at Ludborough on the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway.  The gronk was returned to operational service earlier this year and now works on a section of the old Grimsby to Louth line.

Sunday 04th August was a bright sunny day, and this contrasted with the fact that a lot of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire was under water the previous week. This was due to two months' worth of rain falling in the period of just one hour!

The current mode of operation at the railway which was observed by all departures was:

Ludborough station platform - Current northern limit of operating area on the line towards North Thoresby (Rev) - Fulstow Road level crossing (Rev) - Current north limit of operating area on the line towards North Thoresby (Rev) - Ludborough station platform - Current southern limit of operating area on the line towards Louth (Rev) -  Ludborough station platform.

I would estimate that the full trip was approx 0.75km and took around 20mins to complete.  Departures were on the hour, every hour from 11:00 - 15:00. An adult ticket was 2 for a round trip, or 3 for an all day pass.

The railway is hoping to restore the line from Ludborough to North Thoresby.

The railway's other ex-BR shunter is 97650, but a source at the railway stated that this shunter will not be returned to operational service and retirement as a museum exhibit beckons!

The railway's services are normally hauled by a little blue kettle called Lion, but 08102 does have a few more advertised outings in the coming year, please visit the railways website for details.  It is worth the trip!

Ian Loveday (Selby)

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